DYNA® ANTIQUA 4350 is a clear and transparent premium performance penetrating sealer specially formulated to protect, enhance the color of, and to provide a protective finish to tumbled marble, acid-washed marble, textured, rough, and dimensional and natural stone surfaces. It will protect the surface against stains, dust, dirt, water, acid rain, chemical attack, mildew, fungus, U.V. rays, salt, oils, tar and efflorescence. Surface dirt should be removed using standard maintenance procedures. It allows moisture vapor transmission.
ANTIQUA 4350 also protects from freeze/thaw damage such as spalling, cracking and bubbling rendered by the harshest climates. It serves to densify the surface of any stone and will not peel or yellow.


- Provides Color Enhancement
- Matte finish, enhances and preserves the colors of the treated surface
- Penetrates deeply for better and more durable protection against stains
- Reduces damages due to freeze-thaw cycles
- Resists all weather elements (sun, rain, frost, heat, salt, etc.)


1. For interior and exterior use.
2. For floors, walls, counter tops, and ceilings.
3. May also be used as a grout release agent.
4. Not to be used to guard against hydro-static pressure.
5. Not intended for polished stone surfaces. For polished stone surfaces use DYNA REPEL 4220, SUPER IMPREGNATOR 4210 or IMPREGNATOR 4110.


Can be applied on surfaces such as:
- Textured, Rough and Dimensional Natural Stones
- Acid-Washed Marble
- Tumbled Marble


1. Do not apply before 10 days following the completion of the work.
2. Ensure that the surface to which it is to be applied to is thoroughly dry and that no residual moisture is present.
3. Slates, natural stone, and unglazed ceramic tiles will darken with the effect that the color will be enhanced. Ensure that you always test first in an incospicuous area to determine if this is what you desire.
4. Do not apply below 0°C (32°F) or above 40°C (104°F).
5. Do not apply over vitreous pavers.
6. Do not use as a floor finish or floor polish.
7. Do not use over polished marble or granite or any other polished natural stone surface.
8. Not to be used to guard against hydro-static pressure.

SECTIONS     -    



Wash the surface that is to be treated and let dry completely before application. Wash with DYNA brand of cleaners. Ensure that the surface is completely dry and there is no residual moisture present.


1. Apply ANTIQUA 4350 evenly over the surface using a clean dry brush, roller or spray on.
2. Apply evenly and do not allow the product to puddle on the surface.
3. Allow the sealer to penetrate the stone surface for about 1 to 2 hours.
4. With a clean dry cloth or terry cloth pick up and buff up the surface. Remove all excess sealer on the surface of the stone.
5. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
6. For maximum protection a repeat application is recommended.
7. If no grout release agent will be used for natural stone then the sealer must be applied at least once PRIOR to grouting.
8. ANTIQUA 4350 may be applied over a worn surface. First remove the old coat of ANTIQUA 4350 with a paint and varnish remover.
9. Depending on tile absorption, 2 to 4 coats may be required.
10. Allow at least 12 hour cure between coats.


DYNA® ANTIQUA 4350 is available in:
- 500 mL (0.53 US quarts)
- 1 L (1.06 US quarts)
- 3.78 L (1 US gallon)
- 18.9 L (5 US gallons)


7 m2 (75 ft2) to 23.2 m2 (250 ft2) per 1 L (1.06 US Quart) depending on the surface treated.


Contains petroleum distillates. If swallowed, give plenty of air and call physician immediately. This product is combustible. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flames. Ensure work area is properly ventilated. Turn off all pilot lights or ignition sources that may ignite this product. Do not smoke in the vicinity of this product when it is being applied. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If product contacts skin flush with plenty of water. If product comes in contact with eyes flush with plenty of water and consult a physician immediately.

Refer to SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for additional information.


DYNA shall not be liable for incidental and consequential damages, indirectly or directly sustained, nor for any loss by application of these goods not in accordance with the printed instructions or for other than the intended use. Before using the user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and the user will assume all risks and liabilities that may arise in connection therewith. DYNA’s liability is expressly limited to the replacement of defective goods. Any claim shall be deemed waived unless the claim is made in writing to DYNA within 15 days
from the date it was, or reasonably should have been,
discovered that the product was defective.


This premium quality product was designed to satisfy the user. If you are not satisfied after Surface Testing on a small area, please contact our technical service department immediately.
NO WARRANTIES expressed or implied are offered by DYNA. The Manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of products proven defective.
The user assumes all risks and liabilities associated with the use of this product.