DYNA® CTM 9210 Type I is a non-flammable low VOC water-based premium performance Type I, ceramic floor and wall tile multi-purpose mastic adhesive for setting all types of absorptive and non-absorptive ceramic floor and wall tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, mosaics, etc., over most types of interior smooth surfaces.


It is for all types of glazed and unglazed ceramic floor and wall tiles, mosaics, etc. It can also be used for porcelain stoneware, and most marble, granite, slate and natural stone tiles. It can be used for residential, and light duty industrial and commercial purposes. It can be used on smooth interior surfaces, gypsum wallboard, cement or gypsum plaster, cement backerboard, and smooth concrete. It can also be used in interior residential floors and countertops in dry areas over EXTERIOR grade Douglas Fir plywood conforming to U.S. Product PS 1.83 and A.P.A. Classification 1, C.C. plugged or better or CSA-0121 Standard Exterior Select or (SEL-TF) according to COFI.



1. Ensure that the substrates are structurally sound, solid, stable, well-fastened, dry, clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, tar, wax, curing agent, etc., or other substances which may prevent or
reduce the adhesion of this product.
2. Painted surfaces must be completely sanded, scrapped, or chipped to promote adhesion.
3. Surfaces should be cleaned with a DYNA brand of cleaners.


CTM 9210 Type I is ready to use, there is no mixing involved.
1. Simply open the container and spread the adhesive with the recommended notched trowel onto the substrate.
2. Use a notched trowel with sufficient depth to achieve a covering, of at least 85 % of the tile back.
3. Do not spread more than can be covered with tiles within 30 to 45 minutes. If skinning occurs, scrape off the dried adhesive and replace with fresh adhesive.
4. Place the tiles firmly into position with a slight twisting motion to ensure a good bond.
5. Make all alignments and adjustments immediately (do not exceed 45 minutes).


Each litre (1.04 U.S. Qts.) will cover between 1 to 1.5 square metres (10 to 15 square feet), depending on the size of trowel that is used


Clean tools and hands with water while the adhesive is still wet. If the adhesive has dried, use mineral spirits.