Consisting of a one component quality controlled high performance high shear bondstrength polymer / latex dry-set portland cement mortar with portland cement powder, graded silica aggregates and chemicals carefully selected and controlled by DYNA. DYNA® MVM Masonry Veneer Mortar is designed for installation of masonry veneer, natural and architectural stone. DYNA® MVM Masonry Veneer Mortar is part of DYNA’s specially designed Masonry veneer System.
Combined with DYNA® AquabanN 200 and DYNA® Dynacoat 100 it offers superior moisture protection.


- Exceeds ASTM C270 requirements for masonry veneer installations.
- ASTM C482 is the applicable test method for shear bond strength relating to Masonry Veneers.
- Contains BIO GUARD® Anti-Microbial Protection.
- Part of our Eco-Friendly Products line of environmentally friendly products.


Meets and Exceeds ASTM C144, ASTM C91, ASTM C150, ASTM C207 and ASTM C270 standards.


- MVM Masonry Veneer Mortar, when used on its own, is not a replacement for a waterproof membrane. When a waterproof membrane is required, DYNA recommends using the complete Masonry Veneer System which consists of AQUABAN 200 and DYNACOAT 100 with MVM Masonry Veneer Mortar.
- Not for use in submerged applications. For submerged applications, use DYNABOND 400 / DYNALASTIC 5000.
- When using this product for veneer installations, always consult your local building code requirements regarding limitations and specifications for installation.
- Do not use in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius or above 40 degrees Celsius.
- Keep the area of installation from freezing for at least 28 days after application.

SECTIONS     -    04 20 00


Wear adequate protective clothing, safety glasses and chemical resistant gloves. On a sealed surface wet your stains before applying GG Grease and Grime Remover. On a bare surface apply directly on your stains.


1. The substrates must be structurally sound, solid, stable, dry, clean and free of grease, oil. paint, dust, tar, wax, curring agents, primer, sealer, or any other substance which may prevent or reduce the adhesion of this product. Painted surfaces surfaces must be stripped to it’s natural state.
2. Uneven concrete surfaces can be smoothed out with DYNAPLAN 150. Expansion joints shall be probuded through the Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer (AMSMV) from all construction or expansion joint substrate. Do not cover expansion joints with mortar.
3. Installer must verify that deflection under all live, dead and impact loads of substrate do not exceed industry standards of L/360 for ceramic tile and brick or L/480 for AMSMV units or stone installations where L=span length.


1. Use a clean mixing vessel and pour approximately 5.5 to 6 litres of cold clean water and then add 22.7 kgs. (50 lbs.) of MVM gradually while mixing. Use a slow speed mixer (approximately 150 R.P.M.). Mix thoroughly to a homogeneous and smooth consistency. Avoid air entrapment by prolonged mixing, which if occurs will lower the compressive strength of the mortar.
2. Permit the mix to slake for 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Re-stir the entire contents of the vessel without adding any more water to the mix.
4. The pot life of the mix is approximately 4 to 6 hours.
5. Some stiffening of the mix may occur before all the material is consumed. When this occurs, simply re-stir by hand or machine, but DO NOT add any more water.
6. Wash your mixing tools immediately with water after use.


Use a recommended notched trowel with adequate depth to achieve a 100% mortar contact to the back of the Masonry Veneer. Use the flat edge of the trowel to spread a thin coat over the substrate then apply additional material and comb the mortar with the notch side of the trowel. Do not spread more mix than can be covered with the tiles within 10 to 15 minutes. Otherwise, a skin may form on top of the mortar and proper adhesion will not be achieved. Place the veneer firmly into position with a slight twisting motion.
Then once the veneer has been set, properly beat in the veneer with a beating block in order that at least 1/4 of the thickness of the veneer is set into the mortar bed. Finished mortar bed thickness should be between 3/32nd to 1/8th inch (2.5 - 3.0 mm) thick after veneers are beaten in without any voids or air pockets. Ensure that all alignments and adjustments are performed immediately, do not exceed 30 to 40 minutes. Should skinning occur, remove the dry or skinned mortar and replace it with fresh mortar. Clean out any joints from the face of the veneer immediately with a damp sponge. Do not soak the veneer before application. Ensure that there is 100% mortar contact.

NOTE: Ensure that the veneers are clean of dust, laitance, curing agents, sealer or any
other substance which may prevent or reduce the adhesion of this product.

NOTE: Check the back of the veneer for 100% coverage by periodically removing veneer or tile to make sure 100% of the mortar has been transferred on to the back of the veneer or tile. There is a wide variety of veneers, tiles and stones on the market. Make sure a “non-sag” test is performed prior to installation. Depending on the type of job and veneer, shims, spacers or any other type of mechanism may be required to maintain a level finish.


Provide expansion and control joints where specified. Do not cover any expansion joints with mortar. Cut veneer on both sides along the edges of the expansion joints. Also insert
the specific compressable bead and sealant to caulk the expansion and control joint.
Follow ANSI AN3.8, “Requirements for Expansion Joints”.


Wash your tools immediately after mixing. Clean your hands and tools with water while the mortar is wet.Ground and Maritime freight are not regulated for this product.


50 lbs (22.7 kg) Bag


CAUTION. Consult and read the SDS thoroughly for this product for more safety information. This product is corrosive as it contains Portland cement. Portland cement when mixed with water results in a solution of calcium hydroxide and is therefore injurious to the eyes and can cause skin irritation. Therefore, avoid eye contact and prolonged contact with the skin. Protect eyes with goggles and skin with waterproof gloves. If splashed in eyes, flush thoroughly for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician immediately. In case of ingestion consult a physician immediately.


DYNA shall not be liable for incidental and consequential damages, indirectly or directly sustained, nor for any loss by application of these goods not in accordance with the printed instructions or for other than the intended use. Before using the user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and the user will assume all risks and liabilities that may arise in connection therewith. DYNA’s liability is expressly limited to the replacement of defective goods. Any claim shall be deemed waived unless the claim is made in writing to DYNA within 30 days
from the date it was, or reasonably should have been,
discovered that the product was defective.


This premium quality product was designed to satisfy the user. If you are not satisfied after Surface Testing on a small area, please contact our technical service department immediately.
NO WARRANTIES expressed or implied are offered by DYNA. The Manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of products proven defective.
The user assumes all risks and liabilities associated with the use of this product.

The coverage per 50 lbs (22.7kg) bag is:


Trowel Size ft²
6x6x6 mm trowel 75-86 7-8
6x10x6 mm trowel 54-64 5-5.9